What’s in my teacher notebook

All Principle Approach teachers must create a notebook of their own. This is what we teach from, along with reference materials and original documents. I thought I’d share about mine in hopes that others will do the same.

My oldest is 7 1/2 and we are in our third year of home educating.

Here is what my notebook contains (in order):

  • At the front: my home educating constitution
  • my week-at-a-glance calendar listing all the subjects on one page
  • dividers for all subjects
  • In each divider I have my lesson plan pages (done a week on one page), 4-R work, notes and printouts, maps and other resources from my studies.

I keep all this in one 2.5 in. binder.

I have many notebooks already–two for literature, two for history and one for each of the others. I pull from those to put in my Teacher’s Notebook so I can have all the material I need quickly accessible. As we continue our studies I will eventually have lots of notebooks for each subject because I will have many years of study on each subject. As my body of knowledge grows, so will my notes (and my “wall of notebooks!”).

Eventually we will have a whole library of references, notes and materials we can draw from as we study together. I know kids who came home from college to get their notebooks on certain subjects because they were so thorough. I think that’s amazing and I look forward to that kind of work together as a family.

Because we don’t just fill notebooks, we fill our hearts and minds. The notebooks simply manifest all the work done on the inside.

I try to make my notebook as neat and complete as possible, as an example to my DD. I don’t compare my work to hers but I just let her see it and look through it, noting the clean pages, neat handwriting and the even margins. She can see the standard without being corrected and it helps her see what’s expected in a practical way.

I would love to hear how you organize your teacher’s notebook. I know I still have a lot to learn.

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