How to Set Up Your Home for Learning

My mom gave me lots of BPA material. I’m not sure exactly where these notes came from, but they were good so I thought I’d share them here. This is full of Biblical Principles, although I didn’t take time to note them here. Feel free to leave a comment and share your own study with us.

How to Set Up Your Home for Learning

  1. Attitude of approval–even when you correct, do it with approval.
  2. Kids learn best where there is a single authority figure. Bonding is necessary. If there is no bonding, no learning will take place. If the child is not convinced of a person’s authority, they will not learn from that person.
  3. Predictable environment. I believe that means to have a consistent schedule and place to work, whatever that means to your family.
  4. Freedom to explore and manipulate their environment. Involvement is necessary for self-motivated learning. Learning is “answered curiosity.” In the final analysis, all learning is self-motivated.
  5. Be careful to avoid over-stimulation, that is, too many things going on in the home while learning is taking place. It destroys the ability to concentrate and causes more mental confusion.
  6. Initiatives and acheivement should be stressed. The value of achievement should be emphasized.
  7. A clearly defined values system gives the child wisdom.
  8. Teach the value of learning through reading.
  9. Verbal exchanges between child and parent are important. Even a baby can remember words, they just can’t repeat them (subliminal learning).

According to the wisdom of Hebrew rabbis, the beginning of teaching a child is to study them for six months before you start.

The strong, structured family remains stable, no matter where you might move.

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