The 4th R and prayer

I had a light bulb moment that I can’t believe I’m admitting here. I have created a prayer journal. This is a spare notebook with dividers and notebook papers to put all thoughts of my family and friends and other things to pray over. I am so excited. And as a prayer leader and avid notebooker (the 4th R), why am I not doing this already? ummmmm……

Sometimes the simplest things can elude you. I have been trying to pray from memory, writing thoughts on little pieces of paper, sticky notes and old receipts. What a way to record people’s most important needs! I should show these requests more respect than that. And how on earth would I ever be able to note the answer, given that I can even remember to pray before I lose it.

Well, now all those issues are resolved. I have little dividers to keep things organized, and a home for all those precious requests, with room to record the answers. So from now on, if you ask me to pray, take comfort that you will be added to my little notebook. And I will ask you about it later, so we can rejoice in God’s answer.

5 reasons to keep a prayer journal

  • place to track your prayers and answers (insights, scriptures, etc)
  • it is scriptural to write things down
  • it will help you in your prayer time
  • following up builds relationships
  • to have a record of God’s faithfulness

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