Blessing our home: week one

Well I’m late with a recap because I have been pretty ill with a respiratory thing. Here’s what we did last week in our unit on homekeeping.

We defined keeping home. We looked up scriptures and discussed things needed to keep home–diligence, organization, etc. We discussed what it means to “bless” your home. 

We learned about the history of cleaning through the ages with Cleaning the House by John Mala and 300 Years of Housekeeping Collectibles by Linda Franklin.

We drew our unhappy (messy home). We will finish the unit with drawing a happy (clean home).

We read several cleaning books: Five Little Monkeys with Nothing to Do, In a Minute!, Spring Cleaning, Boo and Baa on a Cleaning Spree and Home Tools among them.

We are coloring a picture each day from Doorposts’ coloring book on Psalm 31.

We memorized Psalm 31:10.

We made a kid-safe cleaning solution with baking soda, Borax and water. Now they have a special spray they like to use.

They did worksheets for math. 

And more…

It was a fun week. We learned a lot about cleaning and God’s idea of home keeping and blessing. This week we will continue, but my health has put things on a bit of a hold so far. We will start to work on a schedule and lots more that I will post next week.