Individuality comes out of the closet

When we did our study on homekeeping in October we reasoned from one scripture each day as we colored from this book.  Each day they delighted me with their insight and we enjoyed the study very much. We simply read a scripture and talked about it while they colored. The girls they colored in their books had rainbow hair many days and we had a great time gently reasoning from God’s Word together. I came across some notes I had made while we were talking, my beautiful daughters and I. They are 8.5 and 5.5.

The scripture for that particular day was Proverbs 31:22 and they were reasoning about clothes and why we need them. This is their list.


  • protect us (like a coat or protective gear)
  • cover us (first by God in Genesis)
  • keep us from getting embarrassed (when we are modest)
  • get us certain things (like wearing a uniform)
  • make us unique

I could not have done a better job myself. As for the last one, my oldest daughter has quite a unique perspective on fashion. I love it because she’s comfortable wearing what she likes and not what’s necessarily trendy. You never know what she will come out of her room looking like. (Don’t get me wrong. She’s not a clown, but rather, um, eclectic in her choices.) But she thinks she looks good and her grace and confidence help her to carry off an outfit I never could have worn at her age.

She’s a modest young lady as well, so if I want to question her fashion sense, most times I just smile and let it go. She’s happy being her own person–and that makes me happy too.