My new favorite Christmas book

I came across this jewel at my local library (written by Sally Lloyd-Jones and illustrated by Jackie Morris) and and may end up buying a copy to keep. Little One, We Knew You’d Come

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This book is a lovely poem about Christ’s birth from the perspective of Mary and Joseph. They cannot contain their joy of the birth of their first-born.

“People were sleeping. We didn’t care.

Good news, we sang, our baby is here!

Our baby has come, our darling one,

Oh, the day that you were born.”

The illustrations are also wonderful. I enjoyed them at least as much as the text. I wish I could paint with that warmth and realism (with some whimsy to make it fun).

Anyone who is a mother will relate to this book. I feel connected to Mary, excited about the impending birth, wondering what He would be like, cuddling and kissing His little face.  And I also think of Mary and the sacrifice she made as a mother. It could not have been easy to let go of the man she once rocked to sleep as a babe. And then to think that we were all waiting for Him to come.

(cue music) Emmanuel, our God is with us. Prince of Peace, mighty One, the ever living God…