Principles of family prayer (part 6)

Be effective

This may seem like a no-brainer to you, but there really is a strategy to effective prayer, according to God’s Word.

1) Pray God’s will. What is His will? His Word. Praying scriptures is a sure-fire way to get your prayers answered.

2) Get along. Especially live in peace as husband and wife. (1 Peter 3:7)

3) Live a forgiving lifestyle. James 5:16 mentions forgiveness and effectual prayer in the same verse. Knowing God like I do, I don’t think this is a coincidence.

4) Seek out peace in your home. 1 Peter 3:8-11 It is difficult to pray with and for people you are striving against. Live together as allies, as a team, as fellow soldiers in God’s army. Make sure you have one another’s backs and your prayers will become more meaningful, sincere and effective.

5) Pray with faith. James 1:5-8, Mark 11:24, Daniel 10:9-13. When you pray according to God’s will, you can rest assured He will answer.

6) Know what it is you are praying for. It is hard to pray with faith when you aren’t exactly sure what it is you are praying about. You don’t necessarily need all the details in every situation, but a general idea is very helpful in applying your faith and praying effectively.