BPA education

PrincipledMom™is not a club. It’s not a label. It’s not a status symbol.

We are a community of like-minded moms who love our families and desire to provide our children with the best education possible–one rooted in the Word of God.

Because BPA is a philosophy, it affects every sphere of life–individual, home, church, city, nation, globe. We must make every effort to live a life of consequence, so the term of endearment was coined: PrincipledMom™

PrincipledMom™ is a mom who:

  • enjoys and celebrates her individuality
  • makes every effort to put God first
  • understands she is not perfect and doesn’t pretend she is
  • looks to the Holy Spirit and God’s Word to guide her in all things
  • works hard to live a life of integrity and humility
  • teaches her children using the Biblical Principle Approach

With the Lord’s help and commitment to His call, we can each provide an excellent education for our children. “What He calls us to, He equips us for.”

What is BPA?
BPA is short for Biblical Principle Approach, a method of Biblcal reasoning that places the Word of God at the center of every subject. It is a governmental way of thinking, that is: who or what is controlling, directing, regulating or restraining? It is a lifestyle of scholarship and Christian character. It is a Biblical method of education, similar in execution to the Hebraic model. It develops young men and women who are able to reason from God’s Word for themselves. It is distinctive in its commitment to American Christian education. It highlights His Story, a recognition of Providential history. For more details, please Say Hello and feel free to visit here.

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