Well that explains it…

I went to the new Wal-Mart clinic earlier this week because they were running a special on a battery of tests for women (thyroid, fasting glucose, CBC, etc.) and I never go to the doctor, so I was overdue. I was glad I went.


I have been terribly tired lately. I mean tired to the bone, even when I first get up. And any heavy physical work just about did me in. I kept pushing through, thinking I could just “shake it off” and the tired would go away. Then the Nurse Practioner called last night and it made sense why I am so tired. I am anemic. My hemoglobin should be at least 13.2–mine is 9.6. Hgb is how your red blood cells get oxygen to your cells. If you can’t carry oxygen, you can’t burn energy. If you can’t produce energy, you are tired. Really tired. Really.

Iron deficiency anemia affects an estimated one in five women and as many as half of all pregnant women. The high level of incidence associated with females is due to the reproductive cycle unique to the gender. Women lose a variable amount of iron each month during menstruation and significantly greater amounts when pregnant due to the fetal requirements for the nutrient. (read more here)

This condition isn’t new to me (it’s not due to a disease or chronic condition). Off and on since my teenage years I have struggled with anemia. So to bring my Hgb up about 40%, I will take some Slow FE, eat more dark greens and maybe treat myself to a nice steak. And I’ll go easy on myself–at least for a few days. Any tips on boosting the iron content in my diet is greatly appreciated. And when I feel better I will have to tell you about that too. Now I’m off to talk my 3yo into a nap so I can lay down…

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