5 dont’s of Biblical principle approach

Getting yourself ready for a new year can be exciting and more than a little daunting. In all your planning don’t forget these simple yet important ideas.

Don’t get distracted by mechanics. It is very easy to get caught up in studying and 4-Ring and teaching with leading ideas and principles that we can lose sight of the bigger picture. The way the lesson is structured is less important than whether or not the child learns what you intended. The mechanics will come. Don’t let your lack of mastery stop you from providing excellent lessons for your family in the here and now. You will grow and they will grow and the mechanics will come more easily. And maybe you need to pause and sit together at the feet of the Master Teacher and allow Him to minister to you.

Don’t get discouraged. It is challenging to see your shortcomings and feel confident to teach this method, but you are more than able in Christ Jesus. Diligent study, patience and dedication to Biblical principles will take you far. If you are tempted to get down on yourself, take a deep breath and look back at how far you’ve come. Also keep your eyes on the prize and remind yourself why you are doing this. One thing you can do is to keep a journal of your home education. I love to read what was going on a year or two ago to remind me that we have made some real progress.

Don’t forget to pace yourself. This is not a race, so get off the fast track. We are all in a different place on our journey and it takes us all a different amount of time to get where we are headed. Stop comparing yourself with others. Also don’t forget it’s about the journey, not the destination.

Don’t forget the Holy Spirit. We can only do so much in our own knowledge and strength. We must seek the Lord daily for insight, wisdom and patience. If you are struggling with your temper or your kids just don’t seem to “get it” lately, maybe it’s been too long since you spent time with the Lord.

Don’t overfeed. Baby chicks only need a seed at a time, not a whole ear of corn. Try to avoid the firehose syndrome and go for the IV drip. They only need one principle at a time, one idea to chew on. And don’t demand instant answers. Sometimes they need to get back to you after they have thought a while. Less really is more.

There are so many exciting milestones along the way of growing together in the Biblical Principle Approach. I hope you will make an effort this year to stop and smell the roses. And to seek hard after the Lord.

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