Paring down and gearing up

As we prepare to get back to our lessons next week, I’ve been prayerfully considering what to do and what to avoid this year. These are some things

Sun Flowers

I’ve realized:

  • less is more. I don’t have to teach a lot to teach a lot.
  • it depends a lot on my preparation as a teacher. I am not confident when I just open a book and try to teach. I must internalize what I am teaching.
  • My kids need things in small bites, and our schedule reflects that.
  • I don’t need lots of stuff (like teaching aids and such). It clutters and actually distracts us from learning.
  • I must be sold out. I can’t be half-hearted in educating my kids.
  • I need to plan things. I’m not good with a vague idea of how the year will go. If it’s not written down, I probably will not do it.
  • I have to be careful not to overplan (see #1)

I am seeing what I can keep, what I can do differently and what I can simply let go of. That process really charges me up for the next year. I feel things are fresh again and I’m ready to take on another year.

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