The power of choice

Choice is a powerful thing. I have the ability to shape my life (with God’s help) with the decisions I make. If I am unhappy with my life, it is because my choices have brought me here. If I am happy, the cause is the same.

Internal attitudes determine outward behaviors and what results is, well, life. This is what is meant by thinking governmentally, thinking about who or what is directing controlling restraining my life. Who I am governed by internally is what will demonstrate outwardly. If the Holy Spirit is leading, I should exhibit the fruit of the Spirit. If my emotions are in charge, you will see a lack of self-control and a surge of frustration.

I see with new eyes the control I have over my schedule and my home. I choose when and how things are done (with help from God and my DH of course). The choices are mine to make and I am not at the mercy of a schedule or a clock. I have dominion. If I am doing a task I don’t enjoy, I have to smile because no one “made me do it.” I chose to do that task at that time. That is very liberating. I believe women who choose to be keepers at home are the most liberated of all women. We are free to do as we choose, and that can be squandered or savored. Our choices bring big results, whatever that may be.

I have the choice to be truly happy. I have the choice to have a clean home, well-nourished children and a loving marriage. As far as it lies with me, I endeavor to make the choices that will result in a better life for me and my family.

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