Not the same old resolutions

This time of year is always exciting to me. Like a yard full of fresh, untrodden snow, the year lays before me pristine and full of promise. So I get out my thinking cap and start in on my goals for the new year.

I heard someone offer an alternative to resolutions that really resonated with me. Instead of losing weight, saving money or other typical task-oriented resolutions, why not try a new angle. Decide how you can become a better person this year.

You are many people: mother, wife, neighbor, sister, etc. Why not decide to make these better people over the course of 2008. How can you be a better neighbor? Friend? Wife and mother? Church member? Christian? Even if you fall short of your ideal, you will still be better off than if you had never tried at all. And so will the people you touch in every day life.

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