Warning: mommy love overload imminent

Some of you have been asking about the baby. He’s two months old already. WOW! Time flies.

How cute is he? He wakes each day with lots and lots of smiles, smiles so big his eyes become little slits. He’s cooing little sweet nothings to us and loves to snuggle.

 Here are my other little blessings:


Sophia has just completed her 3rd year of piano class. Next year she will start private lessons and she is really excited about that. She loves to write and is almost daily writing stories, songs and poems. She is a gifted communicator who loves to share Jesus.

Jack and baby brother:


He can’t get enough of the baby. He loves to hold him in his lap. Jack wants to be a drummer when he grows up, so any time he has access to anything resembling a stick we have to endure the rhythmic banging. Actually he’s pretty steady with his beat, so who knows…


Gabrielle is 10 now. She loves art and we are really into Art Academy Live and their affordable art lessons, so she is learning to draw from their instructors. She also helps me in my bookmaking studio. Her cheerful help at home is invaluable to me.

These are the reasons I do what I do every day. It is my joy to call them my kiddos and I am a blessed woman.

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