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Actually I found this book a few months ago. I’m trying our a new category where every week I share a resource that is meaningful to me, and hopefully to you and BPA as well.

The Life of Olaudah Equiano (Lakeside Classics)

A few months ago I finally got around to watching the movie Amazing Grace. I love period movies and this one did not disappoint. The music elevates and the subject convicts. I was particularly interested in the abolitionists who were working so diligently, doing little works for God with great love and conviction. There was a mention of Olaudah Equiano‘s self-published biography. I was amazed that he was able to sell over 1,900 copies of his book in Ireland alone.

The book intrigued me. I was impressed at how many books he was able to sell at a time when there were none of the modern marketing tools available. Not long after that I was in one of my favorite haunts, my local Goodwill. (They have so many terrific books there!) While scanning the shelves my eyes fell upon a little hardcover with  greenish bookcloth. Imagine my delight when I checked the title and discovered it was a wonderful copy of Equiano’s biography! For a mere $7.50 I was able to take my treasure home.

It has maps and engravings sprinkled throughout. It is an amazing story of his life. I am not done yet, but I am fascinated and horrified at his experience. It is magnified when I think that his story is not unusual. This is not a post on slavery, but I must state here that slavery violates God’s law (love your neighbor as yourself, among many others) and all 7 principles of America’s Christian history. But his book is not only of slavery, but one of God’s Providence and His redemptive power that is available to all men.

I was so glad to add this tome to my collection of beloved classics. I love stumbling across little jewels like this.

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