Welcome 2009

I’m back to blogging here again. I’ve missed posting and interacting with those who stumble upon my little blog, so thanks for understanding my absence.

Don’t you just love a new year? Like new fallen snow, the year lays before us, sparkling and unsullied. I have a ton of calendars that will turn over to reveal a fresh month (including the art-a-day calendar, courtesy Renae).  I try not to make resolutions but that’s hard to do. Planning and goal-making are some of my favorite pastimes—along with not following through.Sometimes I think I’m earning my PhD in that.

I hope you will welcome this gift of a shiny new year with open arms. I mean really throw your arms around it, embrace it, smell the potential. God gives us the gift of time and I pray you will make the most of every morsel moment this year.  Enjoy!

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