Keep on keeping on

With all the trappings of Biblical Principle Approach–word studies, 4-Ring, notebooks, the Red Books, Rudiments, etc.–you can easily get overwhelmed and frustrated. Your idea of home education is not becoming reality and you find yourself tired and frustrated. What do you? Chuck it? Put the kids in school? Change to yet another curriculum? Run away from home?

Unless you are a homeschooler with steely resolve, frustrating times can make you question you methods, your philosophy and–on a bad day–maybe even your sanity. When homeschool life is hard here are some things to  help keep you going.

  • Pray and ask God to help you. The Holy Spirit is always available to listen.
  • Realize this is temporary. This crisis, this illness, this life itself is temporary. Don’t lose sight of the transient nature of life.
  •  Use a lifeline. Call a friend. Read your Bible. Take a hot bath. Take the school day off. Do something that re-energizes you.
  • Take school slow. Slow down. Find a rabbit trail, put your lessons on hold for a few days while you learn about something interesting and unexpected.
  •  Just cover the basics. Don’t try to do more until you can do more. Your kids won’t suffer.
  •  Write down your philosophy of education, any scriptures that you feel apply to your schooling and any inspiring quotes. Put them in a nice book and use it to encourage yourself. When times are hard, pull out that book and remind yourself why you are doing this.
  • Keep a journal. It is great to vent your frustrations, question things and just plain old talk to yourself. It’s also a great place to encourage yourself and to keep record of life’s little successes.
  • Take stock. Review some past work and see how far you really have come. It will jog your memory to character issues that have resolved or funny things that happened.
  • Let your kids teach you. Put them in the hot seat and let them show you what they have learned. That will be good for a laugh or two and you may be surprised at how knowledgeable they really are.
  • Reach out to encourage another mom. So many times when I am down I will call or write another mom and it lifts me up as well.