Reflections on my post-a-day month

Okay this is the last day of my daily post experiment. It was challenging, to be sure. There are a few things I learned.

  • I am not very organized. I had no real plan or help with post topics, which now I wish I had benefit of. If I ever do this again I will make sure I have something to write about so I don’t have to grasp for an idea.
  • Posting on this blog, for me, is a reflective process. I don’t like posting every day because my posts are not day-in-the-life kinds of posts. I enjoy writing more about things I have been thinking on for a while.
  • My default seems to be lists. When I am stuck for a post idea I make a list. Not always, but often–like this post.
  • My life schedule does not lend itself to daily posts. Not easily, anyway. With a husband, four children, a full time job and school, there are precious few moments for writing posts, especially ones I don’t deem important. I would rather post less often and write things that are more eternal–or at least educational.

This month has helped me refine what this blog is for. It freshened my perspective, focus and ideas for future projects. Stay tuned for more details!

This was less fun than challenging but I’m glad I did it. Even though I wasn’t able to post every day it still set a high bar, and I always enjoy that. Now back to our regularly (un)scheduled posts…