I have a secret…

Okay so I’m really laying myself bare here. I’m going to say out loud what I  have been keeping under wraps for a while now.

I’m writing a book.


I’m writing a book.

Okay, I’m not ready to shout it from the rooftops just yet but I am terrified excited to share this news with you here. Brooke, author of Warrior Prayers and Notes to Aspiring Writers: Your Dream, God’s Plan (due out next week), encouraged her blog readers to come up with an elevator pitch for our books, so here it goes:

The working title is Bountiful: Cultivating a fruitful life in dry seasons

Where can we look when find ourselves in a season that is painful or dry? Galatians 5 is a gift from God for a parched soul.  My book walks us through the lush garden of the fruit of the spirit, picking one fruit at a time and examining its healing properties for hurting lives. We can find that place of refreshing and renewal in Christ.

I pray this is only the beginning of great things. I am writing this book because someone (maybe you!) needs to read it. God has help for others on the other side of my faltering pen.

I’d appreciate your prayers as I struggle to complete what I feel God has placed on my heart to share.

I’m writing a book!

R Road book giveaway

I haven’t had a contest in a long time and I love this book, so I thought I would give away a copy to a fortunate reader.

Lisa Hodgen’s new book Freedom & Simplicity on the R Road to Biblical Wisdom: A “How to” Guide to Biblical Learning in Home Education is one of new favorite books. I reviewed it at The Curriculum Choice so I won’t rehash it here. Just know that I think this book gets you where you want to go in your home education journey–Wisdom’s house.

How do you win? Leave a comment about something related to Biblical wisdom–a scripture, a question or just a comment. And please read the review before you enter so you have a good idea of what the book is about. One entry per person please. I will draw randomly from all entries stamped by 9pm CST on August 31, 2009. If the winner does not claim the prize within 7 days another winner will be chosen.

My newest school planning helpers

I just love going to my local used home school store. The woman that runs it is a walking home school catalog. Her knowledge of all the different curricula is staggering. And there is where I happen upon most of my home school loves.

My newest favorite resources are a set of giant, yet unassuming books. They may not sound like a big deal, but they are–at least they should be.

I am in love with all the Teacher’s Book of Lists books (available at Amazon and other online bookstores). They are worth their weight in gold. Yes you can probably find all the information on the Internet, if you took months, and even then you may not find it all. Why put yourself through that? It’s organized and at your fingertips right in this book. For example, some things included in the comprehensive science book are:

  • plant terminology and classification
  • dyeing procedures (from plant sources)
  • animal classification, reproductive and life cycles
  • major terms of the 10 human body systems
  • determining to mole of a compound
  • balancing chemical equations
  • isotopes of chemical equations
  • classification of energy
  • calculating the specific gravity of a mineral
  • codes for weather symbols
  • classification of stars by color and temperature
  • base two
  • checklists for graphing conventions
  • metric conversions
  • professional publications
  • science fair project information and checklists

And that’s just a few of other over 290 lists. In the literature book you can find 247 lists like vocabulary lists for all sorts of writing; lists by theme, genre and author; lists of award winners and books that have been made into movies. You can search by literary period, find a nice list comparing gods and goddesses and even lists of famous characters.

I think you get the point. You will be so glad you have these books on your lesson plan bookshelf. It is saving me so much time looking up things that I need to grab and move on. These book keep me from getting lost in the details, so I can focus on the principles I want to teach. These lists are great for illustrating principles, gleaning ideas for reading lists and essay questions and for just plain fact-gathering and they cover k-12, so there are no other books to buy (always a winner to me!).

If you prefer integrated studies, these are still valuable. You can use them as project starters, essay fodder and just general resource. Because they are broken down by subject you are able to hone in on just the info you need. You can also see who the subjects intertwine. And you can use them to make mini offices for your kids on any subject. If you aren’t convinced by now, you are a hopeless case. Or you  have another easy source for all this information available at the tum of a page. If you’d like to share a favorite resource, please leave a comment. I’m always curious to know what other moms are using in the homeschooling.

A few new resources

Just want to spread the word about a few things.

  • Ms. Dang has audio and handouts from her regular Wednesday night salon. They are a must-listen.
  • Mrs. Smith with Pilgrim Institute has a free 45 minute video on Repairing the Breach for you or your church.
  • Mrs. Smith also is working on some online classes. Details coming.
  • Her latest (#4) history book will be out later this year.
  • FACE has some dinged books at a discount.
  • 23rd Pilgrim Institute conference will be in Elkhart , IN March 19-20. Theme is “Educating for Liberty”

In case you didn’t know, you can take a Rudiments of America’s Christian History & Government by correspondence course. More details here.

Book review: Beyond Numbers

Beyond Numbers book

I bought this book a year or so ago and wanted to give a review of it. Actually it will be more of a “why I like this book” kind of post. 

Beyond Numbers: A Practical Guide to Teaching Math Biblically by Katherine Loop is the most helpful introduction to teaching math with Biblical principles that I have come across. She packs a lot of food for thought into less than 100 pages, and as a busy mom I appreciate that I can read it in one night.Chapters include “Where Did Math Come From and Why Does it Work?,” Math is Not Neutral,” and “Teaching Math Biblically.” It is a concise synopsis of math’s origin, exactly how to discover principles and how to teach them to your children of all ages. She also offers  curriculum suggestions, supplement resources, and help to overcome challenges (which we all have with some child at some time).

BPA requires you to internalize the principles and ideas in order to teach them to your children and she does a good job of helping you do that.If you have a hard time with math yourself or if you struggle to get your children when math lessons come around, this book will bring the subject alive for you. As she states in the chapter “Adopting a New Heart Toward Math, “…I would encourage you to do more than just add Bible verses to your curriculum. Let God change your heart toward math….As you begin to see and use math Biblically yourself,you will be able to teach math Biblically to your children so that they too, can behold God in math.”

For more info on this book visit Christian Perspectives. They offer many mathematical resources.

Find of the Week 6/22

Okay this book is another gem I found at my local used homeschool bookstore:

Watchwords of Liberty: A Pageant of American Quotations was I think $4 bucks or so. It’s a fabulous library copy with the pocket still in the front cover. The binding and cover are still in excellent shape so it will stand up to many happy years of reading.

The point of the book is to tell the stories behind  famous American phrases, such as, “These are the times that try men’s souls,” and, “Cotton is king,” and, “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes.” Over 100 pages of terrific stories and tales of how these sayings came to be. It’s a wonderful addition to our history studies.

Find of the week

Actually I found this book a few months ago. I’m trying our a new category where every week I share a resource that is meaningful to me, and hopefully to you and BPA as well.

The Life of Olaudah Equiano (Lakeside Classics)

A few months ago I finally got around to watching the movie Amazing Grace. I love period movies and this one did not disappoint. The music elevates and the subject convicts. I was particularly interested in the abolitionists who were working so diligently, doing little works for God with great love and conviction. There was a mention of Olaudah Equiano‘s self-published biography. I was amazed that he was able to sell over 1,900 copies of his book in Ireland alone.

The book intrigued me. I was impressed at how many books he was able to sell at a time when there were none of the modern marketing tools available. Not long after that I was in one of my favorite haunts, my local Goodwill. (They have so many terrific books there!) While scanning the shelves my eyes fell upon a little hardcover with  greenish bookcloth. Imagine my delight when I checked the title and discovered it was a wonderful copy of Equiano’s biography! For a mere $7.50 I was able to take my treasure home.

It has maps and engravings sprinkled throughout. It is an amazing story of his life. I am not done yet, but I am fascinated and horrified at his experience. It is magnified when I think that his story is not unusual. This is not a post on slavery, but I must state here that slavery violates God’s law (love your neighbor as yourself, among many others) and all 7 principles of America’s Christian history. But his book is not only of slavery, but one of God’s Providence and His redemptive power that is available to all men.

I was so glad to add this tome to my collection of beloved classics. I love stumbling across little jewels like this.

Best of PrincipledMom ebook now available!

I am so excited to let you know that I have complied all my favorite posts from the last 3 years into one handy file. 

A Mother's Joy: The Best of PrincipledMom vol. 1
Click on cover to purchase

A Mother’s Joy: The Best of PrincipledMom Volume 1 is 40 pages of blogging goodness available as an instant download. Click the cover below to download and enjoy.

Thanks to all of your who have encouraged me to keep on writing all this time. And even more good news is on its way!

Review: “The Mother at Home”

I have been reading through a book online and was so pleased with it that I have ordered a copy from Amazon. The Mother at Home; or the Principles of Maternal Duty by the Rev. John S.C. Abbott is wonderful. You can see it all online here.
Flip through it and enjoy his instruction.

It is full of practical help and insight into the role and importance of the mother in the home (as our first sphere of government, right?).

Here is a quote concerning Washington that gives all mothers cause for pause:

The mother of Washington is entitled to a nation’s gratitude. She taught her boy the principles of obedience, and moral courage, and virtue. She, in a great measure, formed the virtue of the hero, and the statesman. It was by her own fire-side that she taught her playful boy to govern himself; and thus he was prepared for the brilliant career of usefulness which he afterward pursued. We are indebted to God for the gift of Washington; but we are no less indebted to him for the gift of his intestimable mother. Had she been a weak, and indulgent, and unfaithful parent, the unchecked energies of Washington might have elevated him to the throne of a tyrant; or youthful disobedience might have prepared the way for a life of crime and a dishonored grave.

 I love the language of liberty in this description. We should all keep in mind what Ms. Dang referred to as “the power of one.” Mrs. Washington understood this principle and a nation was born as a result.

This also reminds me of a passage in T&L by Rev. S. Phillips: “‘…when there is a Sarah in the house, there will be an Isaac in the cradle; wherever there is a Eunice teaching a Timothy the scriptures from a child, there will be a Timothy teaching the Gospel to the rest of mankind….'” (p. 11)

I cannot wait to get my copy to mark up and highlight!