Word for the Year: 2021

I enjoy the process of choosing a word to guide each year. Rather than having a prophetic tone, for me the word for the year is something to keep top of mind throughout the year, something related to my goals that keeps me focused. This year my word is one that is a big departure from my usual selections, but it is [IM]perfect for me for 2021.

Spacestor | The Secret of Wabi-Sabi

In years past I have chosen words full of action and momentum and, well, pressure. I set lofty goals and rigid plans to bring those goals to fruition. Honestly, it was an exhausting and frustrating process.

With all that happened in 2020, I just cannot bring myself to approach the New Year in the same way. Honestly I am tired and frustrated and unsure. But I do cling to one Truth–that God is still Sovereign. He is still ruling and overruling.

So for this new year the word to be chosen had to be less about doing and more about being. I came across this concept months ago and had been mulling it over in the back of my mind for a long time. I am a deeply flawed individual in need of Christ’s saving work in my life. This word will remind me that even in my brokenness He can make beauty, not for my sake but for His.

Maybe you are like me. I tend to be very critical of myself, second guessing decisions and criticizing most every decision from small to great. Instead of embracing my flaws I try to hide them or pretend they are not there. The Japanese art of Kintsugi celebrates the flaws in pottery by filling the gaps and cracks with gold. This visually sums up the idea of wabi-sabi. I want to spend less time criticizing myself and more time marveling at how God has turned my flaws into a testimony.

As a human I am incomplete. I am flawed. I am decaying. But in Christ I am Complete, made Perfect, and raised together with Him. This sums up my word for 2021 pretty well.

This word for the new year shines the spotlight not on “doing” but “being”. And I am excited to see how I can express this word in my art and in my life.